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Retaining walls can help stop natural erosion. Apart from giving a functional support, retaining walls also enhance the visual appeal of the garden. These walls redirect rainwater so it doesn’t pool on your driveway or other surfaces.

  • Timber walls

  • Full-size block walls

  • Reinforced concrete walls

  • Sheet pile walls

  • Natural stone, block wall and more!

We can help you construct amazing looking decorative concrete retaining walls which come in variety of styles and colors. Our professionals are here to create aesthetically pleasing and functional retaining walls for you.

Types of Retaining Walls

Quality Retaining Walls

Our professionals will come to visit your site, and measure it, bring brochures, discuss details, and provide estimates. Call Decks Patios & Improvements, LLC to for retaining walls related requirements. We guarantee our workmanship.

Use retaining wall and manage natural erosion

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Retaining wall

Mild rain is great for your grass, trees and bushes but excessive water and poor drainage on your plants could be a mess. Grading services can help you with erosion control, rerouting the rainwater or installation of patio dirt removal, smoothening out for level surface.


We will design the most appropriate solution to eliminate those wet spots and protect your property from costly water damage. We install different types of drainage systems, including French drains, catch basins, channel/strip drains and down spout piping depending on your needs.


Drainage problems get more expensive and damaging the longer you ignore them. Call us for residential as well as commercial, and standalone services.

Drainage / Erosion / Grading